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Marten W. Davis, SRPA
FEMA Construction/Remodel Appraisals

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Have you always wanted to "add on" or modify your existing dwelling? If it is located in a primary FEMA Flood Hazard Area, there is a great deal of "red tape" in order to accomplish this! Initially, the first thing that is required is to secure an appraisal that shows the value contribution of the building improvements for submission to the taxing authority. We can do this, having vast experience with this type appraisal.

From this site you can obtain information about our FEMA Real Estate Appraisal firm, get a price quote for a FEMA Real Estate Appraisal, or contact us for a free phone consultation.

Our firm is EDI compatible, which means we can forward completed Real Estate Appraisals via the Internet in PDF or xml Formats.

Marten Davis, SRPA - Appraiser works closely with Contractors and Individuals in Southern Pinellas County Florida.

We specialize in FEMA Residential Real Estate Appraisals.

We can provide you with a professionally prepared, accurate, and well-supported FEMA Real Estate Appraisal, that will satisfy Common Standards of Excellence.

We have the experience and knowledge to handle the needs of a highly detailed FEMA Residential Real Estate Appraisal.

As the owner of Gulf to Bay Appraisals , Marten Davis, SRPA, has been providing accurate, timely, and reasonably priced FEMA Residential Real Estate Appraisal Services for 45+ years.

In addition, Marten Davis, SRPA , holds the high designation of Senior Real Property Appraiser of the Appraisal Institute, the leading and largest professional appraisal organization in the world.

We would appreciate the opportunity to provide our specialized appraisal services to you and your clients.

We realize the urgency involved with many steps of the Appraisal Process and will work with your schedule to complete the report well before any deadlines.

We always strive to provide you, our client, with the completed appraisal within 48 hours after property inspection (usually the same day).

If you would like to meet with us personally, please contact Marten Davis, SRPA at (727) 385-0732 to schedule a meeting about your Real Estate Appraisal Needs.

Call an EXPERIENCED Professional Appraiser Today.

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